Pakistan Independence Day Speech in English 2020

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Short Speech On 14 August Independence Day of Pakistan In English for class 5th to 12th Students

Hello to all my esteemed teachers, and all my friends.
On this auspicious occasion today, I would like to speak a few lines for my country. Our country is considered to be the best and most powerful in the whole world. In such a situation, we should give heartfelt thanks to our heroic soldiers and Pakistani freedom fighters.
On 14th August, the whole of Pakistan enjoys Independence Day. On 14th August, one day before 13th August, floats and different types of dances and plays are performed in schools.On 14th August, various cultural events, processions, speeches, patriotic songs are sung. Chief Ministers of various states of Pakistan hoist flags for their Pakistan, Independence Day is celebrated with much fanfare all over Pakistan.
In every state and province of Pakistan, in the streets, on the roofs of houses, at the intersections, the flag of Pakistan is hoisted. Everyone loves their Independence Day. We are proud to be a true Pakistani and we have all our freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives for us. Every Pakistani must do something for Pakistan to preserve Pakistan’s independence.
There are many people in our Pakistan who are in Pakistan to read and write and go to another country for a job. In my view, this is a not a good sign foe Pakistan. If you have been born, raised and nurtured by Pakistan, then it becomes your duty that you must do something in the service of your beloved Pakistan.
Today, Pakistan has fought the many problems and Pakistan will not back down from such battles in the future, but I would be happy if the children of Pakistan, who are serving in another country, would also stay here and protect their country.
The level of education in Pakistan has also increased as before but even today there is ignorance among the people. There are still some people today whose thinking is inferior and because of their thinking peoples in Pakistan, and foreigners consider themselves insecure and many people consider themselves insecure from foreigners.Unemployment and ignorance in Pakistan, poverty remains today but it must end as soon as possible.
We are all very lucky to be born in a great country like Pakistan because our Pakistan is the best of all other countries, if you are not sure then go and see another country.
In the last line, I would like to say that you and all of us have to protect the independence of Pakistan and eradicate knowledge and poverty in Pakistan.

Short Speech On 14 August Pakistan Independence Day  for Students In English

Greetings to my Principal, teachers, all the guests, my dear classmates, and all the visitors on my Independence Day.
On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, I have got an important opportunity to speak a few sentences for you on 14th August.Not only us but the whole of Pakistan is busy celebrating the occasion of August 14 in its own way The biggest thing is that on this auspicious occasion today, people of all castes and religions do not see any kind of discrimination.
Pakistan became independent on August 14, 1947. The British ruled India for a full 200 years. We are grateful to the Pakistani revolutionaries who lost their lives and saved our existence today. As an Pakistani, we should join hands with all those freedom fighters and thank them. Today, because of their sacrifice, our existence is like a free bird.
Everyone has made an equal contribution to the story of Pakistan’s Independence Pakistan is a huge country People of many castes and sects live in Pakistan, their religion, caste customs are different but when it comes to respecting Pakistan, then all become one and are ready to die for the defense of Pakistan.
In Pakistan, of course, everyone has different ways, but all Pakistanis are one. Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus, are here for a visit, of course, but for their foreign enemies, the whole of Pakistan becomes one against terrorism. That is why we are called Pakistani’s.
Pakistani’s are world famous for their unity Pakistan is a powerful country It is a matter of chewing iron gram for other countries to stand against Pakistan.Pakistan today has the most powerful weapons, aircraft, etc. to defend Pakistan.
The one who raises an eyebrow towards Pakistan will be silenced if he raises a dirty eye towards Pakistan, then Pakistan is not a country for us Pakistani’s but Pakistan is Mother Pakistan for us.Different festivals are celebrated in Pakistan due to many castes and religions But Pakistan celebrates Independence Day by making sweet dishes at home and flying kites as its festival.
Since Pakistan’s Independence, Pakistan has been changing itself every year and every month Today Pakistan is omnipotent because Pakistani’s living in Pakistan can do anything for their Pakistan That is the unity we must always maintain. Pakistan’s Independence Soldiers stand on the border 24 hours a day to maintain Pakistan’s security.No matter how many policemen are there to serve Pakistan, they always stand on the streets, on Pakistani monuments etc. There is an investigation on the spot which is suspected He is not allowed to proceed without investigation.
I would like to say something in the service of Pakistan that” all of us have to protect the independence of Pakistan and eradicate knowledge and poverty in Pakistan.”

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