September 6th Defense Day Wishes | Slogans | Quotes 2020


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Today, I share some Amazing quotes and wishes, and status on Pakistan Independence Day for Pak Army Lovers. Everyone wants to show his/her love for Pakistan. I collect these awesome quotes and wish you that you can use them aslo on Facebook captions and Whatsapp status. I hope full that you like my work and if you like, then share these awesome quotes and wishes or captions on social media platforms.
On 14 August means the Independence Day of Pakistan and 6 September the Defense Day of Pakistan, and 23rd March Pakistan Day. Everyone wants to share some patriotic captions and status, So that’s why I am here to share this collection. I hope you will enjoy them and also love them. Keep sharing, Keep Smiling, and Stay Healthy. Thanks


6 September Defense Day of Pakistan Quotes

If a man tells you that he is not afraid of death.
So of course he must be lying or a young man of the Pakistan Army

6 September Pakistan Army English Quotes and Wishes 2020

Don’t get the rights they get,
We are free, we are enslaved, 
Bow down to those soldiers day and night,
Those who live in the shadow of death.
As long as the Pakistan Army is on the border ..
Until then you can stay at home in peace.
Pakistan Army Zindabad

Army soldier Family Quotes on Defense Day 2020

A soldier on the border is keeping his promise,
He is repaying the debt of mother earth love.
Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistan Army Lover Quotes on Independence Day and 6 September

You can live in peace in your own home
As long as the Pakistan Army is stationed on the border

The Pakistan Army knows how to get up every time it falls

Two stars on my shoulders, better than millions of stars in the sky. – Pakistan Army

It is God’s job to forgive terrorists.
But it is the job of the Pakistan Army to unite them with God.

Inspirational Pak Army Quotes on 6 September

Even after death, in whose name is life,
Such Jabaz soldiers are the pride of our Pakistan
Salute to those brave soldiers of the country
Pakistan Zindabad

We, the Pakistan Army, fight with all our might,
Because there is no other place in war.
Kuch nasha watan ki aan ka hai,
Kuch nasha is Pak Zameen ki shaan ka hai,
We will wave our Flag everywhere,
Intoxication is the pride of Great Pakistan.
Forgiving terrorists can be God’s work
But it is our job to make them meet God

Emotional Quotes For Army

If a terrorist wants paradise
We are ready 24 hours to fulfill this wish of his.

Quotes for Soldiers Who Died

You can sleep peacefully as long as the Pakistan Army is waking up on the border

We came waving the Pakistan Flag or wrapped in the flag of Pakistan… .. but we will come.

Soldier Quotes About Pride

“Every time sleep flies thinking that….
The blood shed on the border was for our sleep
In the love of the body, they are warming themselves,
For the motherland that will die, bets are placed on death
Pakistan Zindabad
Army Quotes on 6th September

There will be no refund without written orders and these orders will never be issued.

Even if you try to break into our house, we will break into your house and kill you.

One-person Army Quotes on Defense Day of Pakistan.

There are many lovers throughout the ages
But there is no sanam more beautiful than the homeland.
Many have died wrapped in notes, wrapped in gold. But there is no shroud more beautiful than the Pakistan Flag
The security, respect and welfare of your country comes first, always and at all times.
Respect, well-being and comfort of the men you command, come next.
Your own ease, comfort and safety come last.

The extraordinary adventure of life for you is our everyday life

Neither the Pakistan Flag nor the war has ever lost

Mother Pakistan, your heroes have selectively killed the enemy

The enemy is only 50 yards from us. We are not in too many numbers.
We are under destructive fire.
We will not take back an inch.
But our last man will fight as long as he lives
I don’t want any good
My tricolor is my strength
I am in love with this tricolor
And my beloved is my Pakistan
May God have mercy on our enemies because we will not

Soldier Friendship Quotes

You never live until you are almost dead,
And for those who choose to fight, life is a special taste, Protected people will never know this.
Soldiers are also amazing,
Family in small wallet,
And keep whole Pakistan in Heart,
For Defense the Congratulations Pakistan Army

Quotes on Pakistan Soldiers Sacrifice

Even if death comes before we prove our bravery
So of course death will be our victim
Two stars on my shoulder,
There are millions better in the sky.

If a man tells you that he is not afraid of death then surely he is either lying or a young man of Pakistan Army

You can stay at home in peace as long as the Pakistan Army is stationed at the border

Forgiving terrorists may be God’s work but it is our job to make them meet God

Until the Pakistan Army As long as the Pakistan Army is waking up at the border, you can sleep peacefully

Every time sleep is lost thinking that the blood shed on the border was for our sleep

The extraordinary adventure of life for you is our everyday life.

May God have mercy on our enemies because we will not – Pak Army

If death comes before we prove our bravery, then surely death will also be our victim.

We came back waving the tricolor or wrapped in the Pakistan Flag, but it is certain that he will come back

We come to meet only two people from the Pakistan Army, either they are very good friends of ours or they are our arch enemies

We regret that we have only one life to give life to our country

Our Flag does not fly because the wind is blowing but our Flag flies with the last breath of the young man who sacrifices his life to protect our Pakistan flag.

Pakistan soldier fights not because he hates those in front of him but because he loves those behind him

If I move forward, I may die, and if I retreat, it is an insult to my tricolor, so it is always better for us Pakistan armies to move forward.

Our living may be a coincidence but our love is our choice and killing our enemy is our business

If a terrorist wants to go to hell, we, the Pakistan Army, stand for 24 hours to take him to hell.

You will try to break into our house. We Pakistan Army will break into your house and kill you

We fight till the last man and last bullet in gun to win because no one comes second in the war

There are two stars on our shoulders, better than thousands of stars in the sky


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