Pakistan Independence day Quotes and Wishes in English 2020


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14 August Independence Day Quotes in English 2020

I will always remember the fruits of Pakistan,
I was free, I am free, I will be free.
What is that life without patriotism?
And what is the death that is not wrapped in the Pakistani Flag ..

Best Thoughts For Independence Day in English 2020

Mention if hero,
So the name will be of the heroes of Pakistan.

Best Dialogue For Independence Day in English 2020

We will not allow the sacrifices of the martyrs to be discredited,
We will never allow the evening of this independence of Pakistan.

Quotes on Pakistan Independence Day in English 2020

Motivational Quotes in English on Independence Day 2020

Even after death, in whose name is life,

Such brave soldiers like Lion are the pride of our Pakistan.


Independence Day Poetry in English 2020

The seven seas are defeated by the two drops of those eyes,
When the hands with mehndi have lowered the happy families

Patriotic Poetry in English For Pakistan Independence Day 2020

We have become free from the sacrifice of country devotees,

If anyone asks who it is, they will proudly say we are Pakistanis.

Independence Day English Status 2020

Till who is not ready to serve Pakistan,
It is not blood, it is water that is of no use to the country, it is useless youth

Independence Day Motivational Quotes in English 2020

The day we didn’t see the children selling Pakistani Flags on the road, we became free to think.

Independence Day Poetry in English 2020

Baby likes base, Nawaz likes case,
Some likes foreign countries, and I like my country.

Independence Day Quotes in English 2020

Give salute to Pakistani Flag who is our proud,
Always keep your head high .. as long as there is life in the heart.

Independence Day Status Messages in English 2020

Whose wife has gone on vacation
They can declare their freedom by putting a Pakistani Flag on the status.

Being Independent Status For WhatsApp in English 2020

Let’s remember that scene again today,
Remember the flame that was in the hearts of the martyrs,
In which freedom had reached the shore
Remember that stream of blood of patriots ..

Happy Independence Day Status in English 2020

I am a Muslim, you are a Hindu,
Is both human,
Let me read your Gita, you read the Quran,
On the occasion of this Independence Day
I have only one wish
Eat food in one plate all over Pakistan
Everyone makes love
Mehboob pe marta hain har koi,
Try to make the homeland a favorite
Everyone will die on you …… !!!!
Greece and Egypt or Roma all disappeared from where.
So far, the rest of the name and mark is ours.
For centuries the enemy has been Daur-e-Jahan Hamara.
Saare jaha se achcha Pakistan hamara hamara ..
Na poocho zamane ko,
What is our story?
These are our only identities
We are just Pakistani… !!

Independence Day Thoughts for Pakistani Soldier

This Pakistani Flag is always waving
All the best Pakistan is ours
Echoes where around… ..
The slogan of Pakistan Zindabad from the tongues of the people
What is this heart for the height of the homeland
Khushi Khushi Mit Jaaye Yeh Jism Bhi Hamara

14 August Independence Day Sms in English Messages 2020

Those who became martyrs are often called immortals
We always bow before their sacrifices ..
The people of this country know very well that
Our lovely country called the golden bird ..
Watan hamara aise na chod paay koi,
Rishta hamara aise na tod paye koi,
Dil hamare ek hai ek hai hamari jaan,
Pakistan is ours, we are its pride ..
I will protect the country
This country is my life
To protect it
My heart and soul is a sacrifice .. ||

Independence Day Msg in English – Independence Day Quotes in English 2020

I always respect Bharat Baras immensely
I only praise the moonlit soil here,
I don’t worry about going to heaven and getting salvation,
Pakistani Flag is my shroud, that’s all I want.

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

My “Pakistan” was great,
Are great and will remain great,
Encouragement will be high in everyone’s heart
So one day Pak will also say Pakistan Zindabad

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

I wish there was an evening in my life.
My life came to work for my homeland.
There is no fear of death, no longing for paradise
But whenever there is mention of martyrs
I wish my name also came. I wish my name came too.

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

Na maro sanam bewafa ke liye,
Two yards of land will not be found for burial,
If you want to die, die for your homeland,
Hasina will also take off the scarf for your shroud

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

Some intoxicants belong to the Pakistani Flag,
Some intoxicants are the pride of the motherland.
We will wave this Pakistani Flag everywhere
Intoxication is the pride of Pakistan !!

Happy Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

Never let the evening of independence happen
The sacrifices of the martyrs will not be discredited
There is even a drop of blood left
Until then, Bharat Mata’s Aanchal will not be auctioned

Happy Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

I am the heroic young man of Pakistan,
I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim,
The chest is full of wounds but,
I am the rock for the enemy,
I am a heroic young man of Pakistan

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

People often call country devotees crazy!
Tell them the wounds on the chest,
All are bunches of flowers,
Let us be crazy, we are good crazy!

Happy Independence Day Status English – 14 August Quotes in English – Pakistan Independence Day English Quotes

We are free, we will never allow this freedom to be taken away
We will never let the glory of the Pakistani Flag disappear
Someone will also raise an eye towards Pakistan
Will not let those eyes see the world again ..

Happy Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

I bow to him who gives immortality to Yashkaya,
There are living stories of valor in this world,
Those who fell on the stream, but have become heavenly .. !!

Happy Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

The spark of freedom is in my celebration,
The flames of revolution are wrapped in my body,
Death where paradise is, these things are in my homeland,
The spirit of sacrifice is alive in my shroud

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

Fight like those brave soldiers,
Cold blood steel,
Marte-marte bhi mar girae,
Only then did the country become free.

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

The country needs new myths of independence
Freedom-loving people like Bhagat-Azad are needed,
Pakistan needs patriotic permits again .. !!

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

Patriots are the pride of the country
The value of the country is from the patriots
We are the flowers of that country, my friends
The name of the country is Pakistan

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

Say goodbye to this world now,
You will not come and go from the house of God now,
We set fire to the revolution,
This fire will not be extinguished by anyone ..

14 August Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

Give salute to this Pakistani Flag
Every Pakistani’s Proud,
Always keep your head high
As long as there is life in the heart .. !!

Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

You have liberated this enslaved country
By giving a secure life you have paid off your debt
I bow to you from the heart
Yeh azad watan jo dilaya hai.

Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

The Pakistani Flag will now wave all over the sky
Pakistan’s name will be on everyone’s tongue
Take his life or play on his life
Someone who will raise an eye on Pakistan ..

Independence Day of Pakistan Quotes and Wishes 2020

Sindh Ravi here Channab,
Church with temple and mosque,
Peace teaches love,
My Pakistan forever .. !!
Let’s respect the country
Remember the martyrdom of the martyrs
Once again the command of the nation,
We Pakistani hold our hands,
Let’s celebrate Independence Day
Mother Pakistan, your saga
Your highest glory
Bow down before you
Give you all our respect
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This country is full of different colors … this country has other traditions … this country is united in diversity … Happy Independence Day.
The martyrs’ struggle for the freedom of our country is unforgettable. They dedicated themselves to the development of Pakistan …! Happy Independence Day

Our national flag has come in three colors – orange, white and green … without a knife and blood.

Freedom gained in the midnight …. Overcome obstacles and victory.

We will rise and rise … Let us preserve the prosperity of Bharat … glory in all directions .. Happy Independence Day ..

Working hard … sharing, sharing, honoring … Mahatma’s dignity … Happy Independence Day

Immortal grandsons of mother Pakistan,
Continue on the path.
Mountain rivers and seas,
Laugh and go all over
The height of the iceberg in you,
Deep as the ocean,
The waves are fun in you,
Shinning like sun,
Flowing blood in your body,
Qalander, Quaid, Shabeer.
The truth remains in your mind,
Crisis came when on earth,
You fought fiercely,
Mar bhagaya dushman ko phir,
Made his name in the world,
In the new world to come,
Tum bhi kuch kar ke dikhlana,
To the advanced forehead of Pakistan,
Raise and lift in the jug.
Independence Day is immortal
The same is the east, the same is the west,
The same north is the same south,
Parts of my motherland,
Not that moment in multiplicity,
Don’t know how
74 years of independence.
How Pakistan became independent,
Dreams of every Pakistani.
The name echoes in the masses,
Of the heroic martyrs of Pakistan.
Can’t forget Pakistan.
Sacrificed to leave home,
Parts of the motherland,
How did our hero’s die,
Quaid-E-Azam jumped on the strength of non-violence,
Politics of Quaid-e-Azam,
Heroes like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,
He is proud Pakistan,
In this Land who was martyred,
In the particle particle of independent Pakistan,
The British left the country,
Broke their land,
Pakistan and India formed and left the quarrel again,
“British leave Pakistan”
“Pakistan Zindabad” was our slogan,
The land of Pakistan resounded,
This was the call in the masses,
Now today make a get to gether,
Remember those moments,
May this auspicious day be immortal,
Complain over and over again,
Say “Pakistan Zindabad” “Longlive Pakistan”,
Mix nectar in patriotism,
Independence Day is immortal,
Speak every Pakistani ..

On Pakistan, Independence Day 14 August means the Independence Day of Pakistan and 23rd March Pakistan Day. Every Pakistani want to share some patriotic captions and status, So that’s why I am sharing with you this beautiful collection of quotes and Wishes. I hope you will enjoy them and also love them. Keep sharing, Keep Smiling, and Stay Healthy. Thanks for Reading.



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