pakisan independence day quotes and sayings 2021

Pakistan Independence Day Quotes and Wishes in English | 14 August Status In English 

It is not allowed to be fun, it is love for the country, it is not done by asking. !!

Independence Day Status in English 2020


No government is mine. Neither is mine. My big name is mine. I am proud of a small thing, and I belong to Pakistan…. And “Pakistan” is mine. Pakistan Zindabad !!

If you ask for milk, you will give kheer… If you ask for Kashmir, you will rip it. Happy Independence Day !!

So far, whose blood has not been weighed, it is not the blood, the water that does not work for the country, it is worthless youth… Say Longlive Pakistan .. Happy Independence Day !!

We do not even look at any other’s land… but not so many unworthy children that anyone looks at our mother earth and we keep watching silently. Pakistan Zindabad !!

Why do you die for my dear friend … I will not give a scarf for the shroud … If you want to kill, for the Homeland, for the “Pakistani Flag” then for the shroud … Happy Independence Day !!

Independence Day Status in English | 14 August Status In English

Rites, culture and pride… May such Hindus, Muslims and Pakistan meet… May we all meet together… Allah in the temple and God in the mosque. Happy Independence Day !!

He will fire the first shot …… and the last one… Pakistan Zindabad !!

Come, bow down and salute those… in whose part it comes; Happy is the blood that is useful for the country! Happy Independence Day !!

We have seen a lot of feathers, we have seen a lot of pouring on a cube… Stream says, learn to grow from the sea, we have seen these rainy brains a lot. Long live Mother Pakistan !!

We climbed and laughed, crucified, ate those who shot on the chest, we bow to them. We salute those who have disappeared. Happy Independence Day !!

Independence Day Picture Status In English – Independence Day Status in English | 14 August Status In English

Today is a salute to those, because of which this day comes, it is a blessing for the mother whose sacrifice of children is useful for this country. Happy Independence Day !!

I have given my heart to life, I have given my life for you. Happy Independence Day !!

Surrey is a good Pakistan, we are bubbles, this Gulistan is ours. I salute you, Mother !! Pakistan Zindabad !!

In the country where you were born… if you are not a devotee of that country… you did not drink milk of mother and the father does not have blood in you. I salute you, Mother !! Happy Independence Day !!

Azad will never let it be evening, the sacrifices of the martyrs will not be discredited, there will be a drop of hot blood left, till then the Mother Pakistan will not be auctioned. Happy Independence Day !!

Independence Day Status

Independence Day Status in English | 14 August Status In English


Many people meet all over the world, but there is no beautiful beauty from the country, many are dead, wrapped in gold, folded in gold, but there is no beautiful shroud from the Pakistani Flag.

With no tongue, no eyes, no brain, no color, no greeting, no gift, you have a happy “Happy Independence”. Happy Independence Day !!

We also know to shake hands … even to tear up … We also worship Jinnah and Tipu Sultan. I salute you, Mother !! Pakistan Zindabad !!

Neither the head is bowed… nor will it bow down, whoever lives on his own… He is truly alive… Live as a true Pakistan. Happy Independence Day !!

Our tongue is also like our bullet… talks directly to enemies. Happy Independence Day !!

The country has become independent with the sacrifice of devotees, we… Whoever asks, will proudly say, We are Pakistans. Happy Independence Day !!

Independence Day Status in English | 14 August Status In English

The wife whose wife has gone to vacation, they can declare their independence by putting a Pakistani Flag on the status. Happy Independence Day !!

We were free to think on the day that the Pakistani Flag children were not seen on the road. Happy Independence Day !!

These trees, these leaves, these branches also get upset, if the birds too become Hindus and Muslims. Happy Independence Day !!

I am not worried about going to heaven to get salvation, Pakistani Flag shroud mine, I just keep this desire. Pakistan Zindabad !!

Unity in diversity is our pride, that’s why my Pakistan is great. Happy Independence Day !!

Happy Independence Day Quotes in English 2020

The best route to development is the road to freedom. – John F Kennedy

Selling flags on empty stomach, and full-weight countries

Those who do not give freedom to others also do not have the right to do it themselves. – Abraham Lincoln

Avoid hypocritical hypocrisy – George Washington

Freedom means responsibility. That is why most people are afraid of it – George Bernard Shaw

The need is blind until it regains consciousness. Freedom is the consciousness of need – Karl Marx

Unless there is freedom to make mistakes, freedom has no meaning. – Mahatma Gandhi

The roots of responsibility and the wings of freedom, these two gifts you can give to your children

Guns are less than just constitution in importance; They are the tooth of people’s freedom – George Washington

Do not ask what the country has given you, ask what you have done for the country?

We were free to think on the day that the tricolor children were not seen on the road.

The terrorist never voluntarily gives freedom, it should be demanded by the victims. – Martin Luther King Jr.

Freedom cannot be bought at any cost. That is life. What will no one pay to live well? – Mahatma Gandhi

Violent freedom will be achieved through violent means. This will be a serious threat to the world and to India itself. – Mahatma Gandhi

Millions of people sacrificed their lives for freedom but due to some selfish people we did not get the right freedom – Anna Hazare

All great things are very simple, and we can express many in just one word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. – Winston Churchill

By the grace of God, three very valuable things are available in our country: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the discretion to not use any of them. – Mark Twain

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