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The pride of the country, we are the children of the country.
The two color painted in our Flag, this is your identity!


If he is a DP with Pakistani Flag, then take it, brother,
I have heard that tomorrow is the date when patriotism appears.

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. Happy Independence Day 2020


Even after death, in whose name is life,
Such Brave soldiers are the pride of our Pakistan.


The seven seas are defeated by the two drops of those eyes,
When the hands with mehndi have brought down their Husband.

Army is the pride of the country,
There is liveliness whose identity.

Freedom is a Precious gift of our freedom fighters.

  Kuch to baat hai mere desh ki mitti mein saheb.
Ase he nahi koi Apne Jan deta ha is ky lye.
  If you are not a devotee of the country in which you were born
  You did not drink mother’s milk and you did not drink father’s blood.
 Pakistan Zindabad !! Happy Independence Day !!
  I will always remember the fruits of Pakistan,
  I was free, I am free, I will be free.
  People that set others free,
  He himself is not entitled to it
  What is that life without patriotism?
  And what is the death that is not wrapped in the Pakistani Flag.
  Mention if hero,
  So the name will be of the heroes of Pakistan.
  Happy Independence Day to the people of the country,
  We, the drunkards of the homeland, were in love with the snare.
  We will not allow the sacrifices of the martyrs to be discredited,
  We will never allow the evening of this independence of Pakistan.
  Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil me hain,
  Dekhna hain jor kitna, baju-e-qatil mein hain.
  We have become free from the sacrifice of country devotees,
  If anyone asks who it is, they will proudly say we are Pakistanis.

Aazadi(Independence) Poetry on Pakistan Independence Day 2020

We are free, we will never allow this freedom to be taken away
We will never let the glory of the two color disappear
Someone will also raise an eye towards Pakistani
You will not let those eyes see the world again
I bow to him who gives immortality,
There are living stories of valor in this world,
Those who fell on the stream, but have become heavenly .. !!
The spark of freedom is in my celebration,
The flames of revolution are wrapped in my body,
Death where paradise is, these things are in my homeland,
The spirit of sacrifice is alive in my shroud.
Fight like those brave soldiers,
Cold blood steel,
After the death they didn’t Die,
Only then did the country become free.

Poetry on Pakistan Independence Day 2020

The country needs new myths of independence
Freedom-loving people like Shabeer Shaheed are needed,
Pakistan needs patriotic permits again .. !!

Pakistani Shayari for Pakistani Soldiers

Patriots are the pride of the country
The value of the country is from the patriots
We are the flowers of that country, my friends
The name of the country is Pakistani

Fourteenth August Independence Day Shayari

Say goodbye to this world now,
You will not come and go from the house of God now,
We set fire to the revolution,
This fire will not be extinguished by anyone.
Give salute to this Pakistan Flag
Jis se teri shaan hain,
Always keep your head high
As long as there is life in the heart .. !!
Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistani Zindabad

Patriotic SMS in English for Freedom Fighters

You have liberated this enslaved country
By giving a secure life you have paid off your debt
I bow to you from the heart
Yeh azad Watan jo dilaya hai.

Pakistan Independence Day poetry in English

The two color will now wave all over the sky
Pakistan’s name will be on everyone’s tongue
Take his life or play on his life
Someone who will raise an eye on Pakistani
Special 14 August SMS English on Pakistani
Main iska Hanuman hoon,
Yeh Mera Ram hain
Look at the roof,
Andar Baitha is Pakistani.
Pakistan Zindabad
Independence Day Quotes in English Character
Sindh Jehlum here Ravi,
Church with temple mosque,
Peace teaches love,
My Pakistan forever .. !!
Happy Independence Day 2020
Never let the evening of independence happen
The sacrifices of the martyrs will not be discredited
There is even a drop of blood left
Until then, Pakistan will not be auctioned
Happy independence day 2020
I am the heroic young man of Pakistan,
I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim,
The chest is full of wounds but,
I am the rock for the enemy,
I am a heroic young man of Pakistan
Happy Independence Day 2020
People often call country devotees crazy!
Tell them the wounds on the chest,
All are bunches of flowers,
Let us be crazy, we are good crazy!
Pakistan Zindabad

Independence Day Thoughts for Pakistani Soldier

Kabhi thand mein Naha kar dekh lena,
Kabhi tapti dhoop mein jal ke dekh lena,
Kaise hoti hain hifazat mulk ki,
Border pay jaa ky dekh lena
Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad

Happy Independence Day Wishes Quotes SMS In English

Na poocho zamane ko,
What is our story?
These are our only identities
We are just Pakistanii… !!
Pakistan Zindabad Happy Independence Day 2020

Best Happy Independence Day Quotes 2020

Freedom in the Mind,
Faith in the words ..
Pride in our Souls ..
Let’s salute the Nation ..
Our Independence Day!
Pakistan Zindabad

Independence Day Poetry in the English Language

This two color is always waving
All the best Pakistani is ours
Echoes where around… ..
The slogan of Pakistan Zindabad from the tongues of the people
What is this heart for the height of the homeland
Happily, this body is also ours
Those who became martyrs are often called immortals
Always bow before their sacrifices
The people of this country know very well that
Our lovely country called the Golden Bird
Happy independence day

Best Patriotic Shayari in English for Pakistan

Watan hamara aise na chod paay koi,
Rishta hamara aise na tod paye koi,
Dil hamare ek hai ek hai hamari jaan,
Pakistani is ours, we are its pride.
Pakistan Zindabad, Glory to Mother Pakistan.

Poetry on Independence Day

I will protect the country
This country is my life
To protect it
My heart and soul is a sacrifice .. ||
Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad

Permission to be annihilated is not taken, this is the love of the homeland, it is not done by asking sir… !! Pakistani Zindabad!

No, the government is mine! No the world is mine! No big name is mine! I am proud of a small thing, I am from “Pakistan”. And “Pakistan” is mine – Pakistan Zindabad


If you ask for milk, you will give kheer. If you ask for Kashmir, you will cut you in two pieces. Happy Independence Day Pakistan! Dil Dil Pakistan

The one whose blood has not been shed till now, it is not the blood but the water… the one who has not come to the service of the country, he is useless
youth .. Happy Independence Day!
We don’t even look at someone else’s earth… but not so many unworthy children that someone looks at our earth mother and we keep watching in silence.
Pakistan Zindabad
Why do you die, man, for Lover… you will not give a scarf for shroud
if you have to kill, then die for “Watan”your Homeland, then get a “Pakistani Flag” for shroud
Happy Independence Day!
Some cannot make a needle in their own country. And dream of breaking our country.

More Quotes for Independence Day of Pakistan are Below down:

If Pakistan is to be made great… then corrupt leaders will have to be removed and corruption will have to be eradicated… this will not happen to any one ..the whole masses will have to play together Happy Independence Day!


They will fire the first bullet …… and the last we… Pakistan Zindabad !!

Let us bow down and salute those to whom this place belongs; Happy is the blood that comes in handy for the country! Happy Independence Day!

I have seen a lot of peacocks spreading their wings, I have seen a lot of clouds on the cube… Stream says learn to overflow from the ocean
Those who climbed and laughed and crucified, ditched those who shot in the chest, we salute them, those who wiped out the country… we salute them  Happy Independence Day!

Not a house with a house… we are not afraid of anyone..and the dog is not ashamed. Happy Independence Day 2020

London saw Paris and saw Japan, there is no other Pakistan anywhere in the world .. We all feel proud to be an Pakistani. Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day 2020 !!

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