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Happy Independence Day Quotes in the English Language

  • The best route to development is the road to freedom.
  • A real man understands his responsibility that comes with freedom.
  • Selling flags on an empty stomach and full-weight countries
  • Those who do not give freedom to others also do not have the right to do it themselves.
  • Avoid hypocritical hypocrisy.
  • Freedom means responsibility. That is why most people are afraid of it.
  • The need is blind until it regains consciousness. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity.
  • Unless there is the freedom to make mistakes, space has no meaning.
  • The roots of responsibility and the wings of freedom, these two gifts you can give to your children
  • Guns are less than just constitution in importance; They are the tooth of people’s freedom.
  • Do not ask what the country has given you; ask what you have done for the country?
  • We were free to think on the day that the Flag of Pakistan children was not seen on the road.
  • The terrorist never voluntarily gives freedom; the victims should demand it.
  • Freedom cannot be bought at any cost. That is life. What will no one pay to live well?
  • Violent freedom will be achieved through violent means. This will be a severe threat to the world and to Pakistan itself.
  • Millions of people sacrificed their lives for freedom, but we did not get the suitable space due to selfish people.
  • By the grace of God, three precious things are available in our country: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the discretion to not use any of them.

Happy Independence Day 2 lines Status and captions in English for WhatsApp & Facebook

Happy celebration of countrymen,
We were in love with the trap to the parents of the country.
If he is a Flag of Pakistan DP, then take it, brother
It is heard that tomorrow is a patriotic looking date.
Even after death, who has life in his name,
Such outstanding soldiers are the pride of our Pakistan.
Those two drops of eyes have lost seven seas,
When the hands of the henna have released the sutras.
Army is the pride of the country,
Pakistan is whose identity.
There is something wrong in my country’s soil
Borders come to be buried here.
I will always remember Pakistan’s festivals,
Was free, am free, will be free
What is the life that does not have patriotism.
And what is that death that is not wrapped in the Flag of Pakistan?
If referring to the hero
So the name will be of the heroes of Pakistan.
We will not let the sacrifice of martyrs be discredited,
This freedom of Pakistan will never be allowed.
Many bodies still cling to the Flag of Pakistan,
Not only this, friends, we celebrate this festival.
We have become independent from the sacrifices of devotees.
If someone asks, we will proudly say that we are Pakistani’s.
Then I fell asleep thinking that
That the blood of the martyrs was for my sleep.


The family is less sad and more proud of the military’s death,
Mother’s womb also gets blessed by giving birth to such sons.


Want to do some noble cause,
May every breath of mine be in the name of the country.
“Ali” settled in Diwali, “Ram” settled in Ramadan,
Your Pakistan should be such a beautiful one.


Where we and you are fighting on the difference between Hindu and Muslim,
Some people are dying in the snow of the border for both of us.


“They don’t draw borders with paper drawn lines,
They keep on increasing with the cremation of the heroes.
Leaving his home, made the border his destination,
Keeping life in the palm, made the protection of the country his religion.
We cannot destroy our freedom at all!
He can cut his head but he cannot bow his head !!
I am not burnt ashes, am immortal lamp,
Whatever is lost on the country, I am that martyr !!
When there is a sacrifice kite on the flame of Shamma-e-Watan,
Ganges on lips and Flag of Pakistan in hands !!
Know how many swings were on Hanged, how many shots were fired
Why do you lie, sir, that there was freedom from spinning !!


We also know to shake hands and how to fight.
We also worship Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and believe in Hazrat Ali too !!

One who wakes in night is not necessarily just a lover.
He can also be a soldier dying on the country !!
I am writing the result, which will start tomorrow,
Every strand of my blood will bring revolution!
The Flag of Pakistan disappointedly asked the “government” what was happening,
I am getting less used to waving and more in shroud !!
When life is understood by you, what is death again
Hey watan you tell me, what is bigger than you !!


Pakistan maa your saga, the highest your pride,
Bow your head in front of me, give you all respect for us !!


Pride of our country, we are children of the country
The Flag of Pakistan, painted with three colors, is its own identity….!

Happy Independence  Day, Pakistan Captions & Status in English

The hero has shed his blood for this day,
Keep awaking countrymen Independence Day has come again.
We will remember you always, this sacrifice is yours
We belong to life, this republic is beloved by our …
The desire to do something arises in the heart,
Embellish the name of Pakistan Ma in the world gathering.
Suffice it to say that Pakistan is our honor,
Obey your duty, the country says that we are its pride.
Language, religion, caste and province is different
But we all have the pride of the national flag, the Pakistani flag.
Whose path is waiting, to become a soldier yourself,
Not right on the border, learn how to fight the storm.
Stop playing this with each other now, Holi of blood,
Remember the mother who soaked the blood with blood.
It is not allowed to be fun,
This is the love of the country, I do not ask about it .. !!
Go out of the temple, go out of the mosque, get out of the gurjurdas
Make the country safe today with the traitors inside.
Respect for the nation, Pakistan in every heart,
Not a date or two for the country, let Pakistan be every breath for the mother.
No my government is mine No one is mine No big name is mine!
I am proud of a small thing, I belong to “Pakistan” and “Pakistan” belongs to me.
Pakistan’s Independence Day is more dear to Pakistani’s than life.
Pakistan’s Independence Day is important.
Pakistan’s Independence Day is celebrated on 14 August 1947 in the joy of winning from the British.
On 14 August, the Prime Minister of Pakistan bowed to the Red Fort to greet all the countrymen and unfurl the national flag.
A few days before the 14th of August, all three Pakistan armies become stronger and more united than before.
If there is any doubt on August 14, then it is not left unchecked.
Martyrs of Pakistan are remembered on 14 August. On the 14th of August, a day before the 14th of August, tableaux and different dance plays are performed in schools.
On August 14, a variety of cultural events, processions, speeches, patriotic songs are sung.
Chief Ministers of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, and Gilgit&Baltistan and PM of Pakistan hoist their flag for Pakistan; Independence Day is celebrated with great pomp Pakistan.
In every state of Pakistan, Pakistan’s flag is hoisted at the intersections on the roofs of houses in the streets.
All states celebrate this festival in their way, like flying kites, walking around, watching patriotic movies, listening to patriotic songs.
Every institution is closed when there is a government holiday in each city.
The unity of Pakistan is its strength. August 14 is a festival of making everyone happy and forgetting their mutual hatred.

Patriotic Poem in English for Pakistan Independence Day 14 August

Bathed in red blood,
Redness prevailed over the white sky
On the new rise of independence,
Everyone sang hero’s saga,
Ooo Pakistan Mother is unique to you,
And we did not get the amazing mother,
In your veins your debt,
One drop each.
The shroud is tied on the forehead,
And I swear by your protection,
Standing on the border,
Played the way of freedom.
Happy Independence Day

Pakistan Independence Day best Lines.


When Pakistan became independent.
Independence was ruled.
The heroes had sacrificed.
Pakistan was free then.
Bhutto was hanged.
Benazir was raised.
The scent of this soil was like this
Then the blood was flowing.
Such was the spirit of the country.
The one who was fighting the most
Went to fight while fighting.
Pakistan was free then.
The British had left this country.
The relations of this country were broken.
Then Pakistan was divided into two parts.
One part was Pakistan
The second was called Bangladesh
A line named Border was drawn.
The one who could not cross.
Don’t know how much I cried,
Don’t know how many kids slept hungry,
We all stayed together
There was also such a time.
Viro sacrificed
Pakistan was free then
Happy Independence Day Pakistan 2020

Poem on Pakistan Independence Day for children 2020

We are little children,
Understanding does not mean freedom.
On this day, the Flag of Pakistan is fluttering in school,
Then we sing our national anthem
Respecting the Flag of Pakistan,
From some patriotic tableaux
Audiences are fascinated
We are little children,
Understand this is the meaning of freedom.
The speaker in his speeches,
Don’t know what is said
On his last words,
We just clapped.
We are little children,
Understand this is the meaning of freedom.
At the end of the school meeting,
The bouquet is distributed,
With Pakistan Mother Ki Jai,
School vacation is done,
Fear of scolding of teachers,
This day neither we have been harassed,
Kite flying after the holiday,
Luft is very much,
We are little children,
That’s all, understand
On the occasion of independence, we
Used to be very fun.
Long live Mother Pakistan.

Patriotic Poem on Independence Day of Pakistan 2020

Be a child, you become a soldier, the evil eye turns enemies
Celebrity mix her in the mood, never attack
Keep brotherhood mutual, peace is Pakistan’s slogan
Keep goodwill, peace in hearts, no division of caste, religion ..
Be the chariot of progress, move ahead
Make your name bright, increase your values   of the country
Independence Anniversary
Flowers of happiness are scattered, fragrant fragrance
Let’s celebrate independence day, let’s celebrate independence day
Happy 14th august

Happy Independence Day Poem in English for Kids

We children sing laughing.
We go on and on.
Pebble hooks scattered on the path,
We remove one by one away.
Come, any obstacles
We never panic
Rise above wealth
Build the palace of dreams.
We share happiness to the world,
We laugh and laugh
The best of the whole world,
We are called Pakistani’s.

“Flag.” Inspiring Poem on 14th August

We do not want any harm or harm.
Pakistan generous of lover .
For true justice.
We will visit the bridge of union between countries
Holy gentle, crest of peace.
There are clutches in the wire, your sacrifice!
Even today, the fire of sacrifice is in you.
Servant military hardened, we are four hundred million
Who can see you in a bad sense, towards you
Doing hail, singing sacrifices,
The whole country took you to the coals!
Unity, Faith and Desiplain

14 August Poetry on Flag of Pakistan | Patriotic poetry

Today the Flag of Pakistan is waving in all its glory.
We got freedom from the sacrifice of the brave martyrs.
We had a long fight for freedom.
Lakhs of people had paid dearly for their lives.
They came as traders and ruled us with deceit.
The policy of fighting each other was adopted.
We got our pride, our self-respect.
We got freedom from the sacrifice of the brave martyrs.
This country is beloved by Quaid-E-Azam, Allam Iqbal, SIR GM. SINDH, Liaquat Ali Khan and Ubaidullah Sindhi
Live and live is a message to everyone.
At the north gate of which the Karakaram stood as guards.
The Pakistani Ocean is special for it in the South.
All ten directions were echoed by the glorification of the brave.
We got freedom from the sacrifice of the brave martyrs.
We have got so much love from our motherland.
This world is smaller than the shadow of his face.
We will never bow our head to violence.
To tell the truth, the whole world is our family.
The winds of world peace came from our Pakistan.
We got freedom from the sacrifice of the brave martyrs.
Very Sad Independence Day Poem in English Characters
What kind of freedom is this
Everywhere is a waste,
Somewhere there is a riot
Where are you going anywhere?
Touching is a contagious disease.
Hate everywhere, hate
So where are the coals of panic
What leaders are there,
All is its participation.
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Pakistan Independence day Quotes and Wishes in English 2020

Best Pakistani Patriotic Poems in English

Beautiful wood is the land of this country, every village is sandalwood
Every body is like a holy temple
Where lions have become toys where cow is cute
Where dawn sings lion sings Lori sings
Where labor changes loyalty from karma is Kalyani
The poet sings the songs of sacrifice and penance,
Knowledge where the Ganges water is pure is continuous
Whose soldiers sing the Gita in the summer
Where Sita plays under the plow in the field
Where is the ideal of life
Happy Independence Day 2020
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